Sep 13 2018

I have eaten so many things that I know I should not have eaten. I am really surprised I don’t have a parasite or something. I am possibly the grossest person ever now that I think about it. The power of my “it will be fine” with food is astonishing. Read more

Sep 7 2018

Whatever happened to that contestant who had six or seven kids and lived in a city-block-sized SoHo or Tribeca loft and was an architect and wrote a mommy blog for Salon for about three weeks? Bring her back. I don’t care if Monica sucked Bill Clinton’s dick, I miss the 90s.

Sep 6 2018

They need to reboot popular - everything is getting remade! I have tried to find it to stream somewhere and I have had no luck.

Aug 21 2018

Lazy. The rules of probate are pretty set in stone. The thing to do is have several wills all with the same date but leaving stuff to different people in the differing wills. They’ll fight that shit for years.  Read more

Jun 19 2018

You don’t need to apologize. The system that has been set up has kept you where you are at. I’m not quoting Marx here, I’m just stating a plain truth: that so long as the many believe when the few tell them they will see their day... and when the few profit off the many by having that lie believed, you end up with the Read more

Jun 19 2018

You expressed the frustration I feel better than I ever could. Don’t apologize.

Jun 19 2018

So what the fuck is the individual citizen to do? I’ve lived beneath the poverty line most of my goddamn life and I’ve barely enough resources to support my family. I live in AK (a Red state) so I know that my phone call to Murkowski was just a waste and the only thing I’m doing when I argue with my Red neighbors is Read more

Jun 6 2018

Yeah, I remember when Tom Petty died. He wasn’t dead yet, but at the hospital, and Rolling Stone reported that he’d died. One of his daughters hit twitter to bitch them out, rightfully claiming that their rush to be first with the news led to an inaccurate report, but also that there were actual live human people who Read more