Cigarette Butt Plug
Jul 2

I hate to break it to you, but there’s already a bonkers Chrysler based minivan. It’s the one on the left in this video.

Jun 24

I did that last year with the 04 XC70, 4 months in the oil pump gave out and it developed a terminal case of rod knock. Hence why it needs an engine.

Jun 22

OR Denny was holding up three fingers because he was celebrating his third win of the season. I think we’re dipping into trying too hard to find offense.

Jun 19

You completely missed the headline.  Should have been:  “Lose your spare tire by using your spare tire”.

Jun 19

Damn you sound like a dick dude. This is a car website, if you don’t like it feel free to leave.

Jun 18

I bet those other four people have kids.  And probably pets.  I can’t tell you how many calls I’ve been on in the past 3 months where the call was completely drowned out by screaming children and barking dogs until the offender figured out where their mute button was. 

Jun 17

When you can't defend your own BS, attack the person calling you out. Standard procedure for people faking it until they make it...

Jun 17

I’m a public servant, too. Different field. For about 10 years. I have never been thanked by anyone for the job I do, either. So...who do I get to choke to death?

Jun 15

Imagine being so secure in your job and so protected from the consequences of your poor performance that your employer will hire a consultant to work with you just so you can achieve minimal competence at the thing they hired you to do

Jun 11

Turns out that one was a joke. Their profile is also BLM stuff.

Jun 10

The terrible triteness of the stickers IS the joke. Nobody is seriously sayinhg these things are good, they’re a weird cliche of automotive-- oh, okay. I’m just having fun here, people.