Apr 18 2017

El is one of several words that means “God” in Hebrew. Kal-El’s (Superman’s) name means “everything belonging to God.” So the House of El would be “the house of God.” You’re probably wondering what all this has to do with Krypton. Well, the co-creators of Superman were Jewish.

Mar 25 2017

Great, now I have spend my Saturday adopting a black cat.

Mar 25 2017

Given how Snyder made him both Jesus and a douche... I can see both.

Mar 13 2017

If you’re a citizen, they cannot detain you at the border for any length of time without reasonable suspicion, but they can and will seize your phone if you give them a reason to, like refusing to allow it to be searched.

Feb 12 2017

Ever stop to think that maybe, just maybe, it is because of all of the money they spend in California on social services to those that have never payed a cent in? Read more

Oct 25 2016

Why not just call him a strong principled teen? I think by adding the ‘black’ it singles race out and aren’t folks trying to be treated equally these days?

Oct 25 2016

Vigilante teen is a strong black principled teen, and we’ve all seen this movie before.

Oct 19 2016

Wow, look at all that sleuthing. You’re like a mix of Dick Tracy and Batman rolled into one.