Zoey Nova

Can Jenny McCarthy just go away forever already? I'm so bored of her stupid shit. We need an island, where her and all the other anti-vaxers can go and infect their own kind. Read more

for those who don't know, ball handles is is actually, literally kyle wagner. Read more

It's a pie and they are doves. Read more

I'd suggest seppuku, but that requires some degree of honor. Read more

Trans culture is also being isolated within the larger Queer culture. It is being Othered and separated from that culture. It is watching as the supposed allies of marriage equality and gay rights look at you in disgust, and cross the street to avoid your presence. Read more

It's always instructive to see what not to do. Read more

She's the dick-sucking queen. She can't be bothered by semicolons. Read more

The human race has always been this dumb. It's just that the internet has not only made this stupidity more easily accessible, but has also made the fame reward for doing stupid shit much higher than it used to be. Read more

Coca-Cola, if I'm remembering correctly, is a gay-friendly group. Buy Coca-cola every time you're at Chik-Fil-A and it all evens out. Read more

Joke's on you Rowland. I haven't eaten jelly beans in almost 15 years. Yet another scrub I was boycotting and didn't even know it, right along with ChicFiLa. I like when you make it easy for me. Read more

I'd really like to read a Friendzone that doesn't involve the writer backing away from, disconnecting from or discarding people. It's getting tired and in real life, most of us don't just dump friends or loved ones whenever they become "toxic" or maybe just a bit difficult. Read more

You can login into comixology with your Amazon account soon. And Kindles will have a larger comic library. Read more

The trans conversation is very different in Thailand from what I've read. Female to male trans people (trans men) are seen as very rare, and in some places I've seen it argued that only trans men who've had top and bottom surgery are called trans men. There is very little talk of trans men in Thai culture - in fact, Read more

Ladyboys may consider themselves male to female. They may consider themselves trans women. They may consider themselves to be a third gender, they are often considered by others to be a third gender. The identity goes back centuries in Thailand and Southeast Asia and doesn't really fit into the Western context. I Read more

That's all we need: TERF frats. Read more

Rather uninspired music. I bet for the money they spent on the animation, they could have contracted some fans to make a terrific machinima from the game itself. But yes, Creeper Moe makes it worth it. Read more