It’s been a while since I posted. A lot going on in my life but I’m trying not to turn this into my own personal blog. Playing my usual mix of old and new-ish games. I’m not going to bother to write a huge post today so here’s a brief rundown of what I’ve been playing these past few months. Read more

I’ve been playing Borderlands 1 again. This was the first game I ever got for the 360 and I still like it after all these years. However, one element that has not held up is it’s portrayal of midgets, or should I say little people. I’m not an ultra PC liberal but even I take issue with how they’re the constant butt of Read more

Greetings all. I finally quit my job to travel across America. I was working so much to pay for it I didn’t have time for any leisure activities, but I guess that’s finally changed. I finished the Mass Effect trilogy a few weeks ago. Rannoch was heavy stuff and there is much evidence that Legion is the best character Read more

Work has been a killer these days, so I’m lucky to play an hour of anything. However, I’m slowly going through Mass Effect 2. While I prefer the more streamlined style of gameplay, I miss some of the RPG elements of the first game, particularly character backstories. They’re virtually nonexistent aside from a brief Read more

Playing the Mass Effect trilogy. I know it’s practically a cliche at this point to pine for more optimistic sci-fi, but I have to applaud Mass Effect for capturing the tone and essence of early Star Trek, in both its courage in believing that peace is achievable and that love is worth fighting for as well as its Read more

Slowly going through my Christmas reading pile. I’m reading B.J. Novak’s short stories, which are hit and miss so far, and it’s not helped by the fact that I’ve never seen The Office “Julie and the Warlord” and “The Rematch” are the highlights. I’ve also got Blood Meridian to read, but I’ll save that for when I’m Read more

I finally finished Cuphead! It only took me four months, but yay! While I respect the craftsmanship that was put into this game, I’m not sure I’ll ever play it again simply because of how long it took me to finish it. The Devil himself was also surprisingly easy given how the whole game was building to that point. Read more

Really looking forward to the TV Edition of KRZ. In other news, I may putting off schoolwork, but I’m tantalizing close to finishing Cuphead. I tried and failed to resist looking up any walkthroughs, but at this point I just want to finish it so I can play something else. The King Dice level feels like they condensed Read more

Definitely looking forward to TWAU season two. That game was a major obsession of mine back in 2014. The remake of Pathologic (or Pathologic 2, or whatever the hell they’re calling it) has been on my radar since I saw the original in the header of this piece.
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It’s been a while since I posted here, so good to see everyone! I’m most excited to finish Cuphead, because I’ve been at it for three months! I’m currently stuck on the pirate boss. This is truly the greatest endurance test of my gaming life, and in that way it lives up to the hype. Read more

I’ve been catching up on Black Mirror these past few weeks. So far, Be Right Back and The Waldo Moment are the high and low points, respectively. I’m working up to San Junipero and the rest, since I feel like I’ll have an existential crises once I watch that episode.
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I like the Church of Atom in Fallout. I would wake up every morning in Megaton and be soothed by Confessor Cromwell’s lovably insane rantings. Now, by the time Fallout 4 came along they had gone from being endearingly insane to aggressive and fanatical but hey, that’s cults for you.
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I finished The Orphan Master’s Son, which was excellent from start to finish. I especially loved the accuracy of its depiction of life in North Korea, even down to the horrific minor details (e.g, a concentration camp inmate’s shoes being made out of tires, the Pubyok breaking their hands to make them stronger, etc.) Read more

I know I have a reputation here as a little behind the times in gaming, so I’ve decided to start a backlog of current gen games. Read more

“Look folks, if I had a heart attack and died right now, you’d be sad. You wouldn’t be shocked. Read more

Metroid Prime, all day, everyday.
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I’m tempted to get this one, but I don’t know if I could resist throwing my controller at the screen. I can’t afford a new TV Read more

I linked my AVC legacy account to my Kinja account a few weeks ago but none of my old comments are showing up. Will they appear eventually or do I have to restart the process? Read more

The Orphan Master’s Son. The only other book about North Korea I’ve read is Pygmy which was... not great, even at the height of my teenage love affair with Chuck Palaniuk. However, given recent tensions this feels very timely. Read more

More RDR. John Marston finished his Mexico expedition for the cartoonishly evil Feds. It’s a good section, but the idea that the federal government would allow an unpaid mercenary to assist in overthrowing the Mexican government just to capture two minor bandits strains credulity a bit. Read more