Sep 18

Neither of you are remotely wrong.

Sep 15

One loses ones’ morals once they start to travel through time. 

Sep 12

“I’m not going to comment on any of that,” Gelinas said when asked whether he was behind the site, according to the outlet. “I’m not going to get involved. I want to stay out of it.” Read more

Sep 11

I totally think it’s the latter.  Several comedians have bits about how we’ll dance to anything with a nice beat even if the lyrics refer to horrific activities/crimes/etc. because we’re not listening even as we sing along.

Sep 10

I’m a certified car nut, I’ve driven a Formula SAE car, I’ve ridden in many dozens of Porsches including a 959. Do you know what I drive? Read more

Sep 9

In effort for them to be a zero waste manufacturer, 'reclaimed' wood pallets will soon be a new $1200 interior trim kit

Sep 9

Please submit your resume. 

Sep 8

Hey, this is America. We can be stupid in LOTS of different ways at the same time!

Sep 8

They know what they got (coronavirus)

Sep 4

OMG, I just realized the Blues Brothers were deep state Antifa agents! They had both the Nazis and Police after them. It’s basically an Antifa recruiting film. (I type this in jest, but there are probably whack jobs out there that would believe it if they were told this by the right people)

Sep 4

Real, non-idiot answer: They got them for super cheap as a fleet test from BMW.

Sep 4

Um, California is basically reasonably size country. And argument that it’s no point of participating in common good, because rest should carry the burden is not really a good take on things. It’s how societies work. I would say that historically US has do it’s fair share to shit the environment. It turn to Read more

Sep 2

“and he told me these High Boy conversions were actually quite common back in the day” Read more

Sep 2

I use the arm-span method. I find two adjacent top corners and pull them apart until the fabric is tight, noting the distance between my hands. Then I rotate the sheet 90 degrees and to the same thing again. If the new distance is shorter, then I’m holding the top/bottom of the sheet. If the new distance is longer, Read more

Sep 1

You’re probably going to fucking die in a flaming mass of splattered flesh and crumpled bones with the jetpack, but it still beats flying with United.

Aug 30

If I were to call you dumb as a rock, I would be insulting rocks.

Aug 29

fucking kill yourself, racist.  take your mouthbreathing peers with you.

Aug 26

The last 12 seconds of the video are some big 2020 vibes. Read more