9:24 AM

To your point, and let’s use Germain’s example, he felt that when he watched Star Wars movies, he was watching a lot of bad just to get to the pockets of good. This is exactly how The Last Jedi feels. I love all of the Rey/Kylo/Luke stuff in the movie...BUT LITERALLY EVERY SECOND THEY ARE NOT ON SCREEN SUCKS! If you Read more

9:15 AM

For the most part, the “reason” is that TLJ was so divisive that the arguments turned cartoonish and vitriolic, and after a certain point, a subset of TLJ defenders just resorted to the meme that anyone who didn’t like TLJ was a racist, sexist cave-dweller. I think people were so sick of having the discussion that Read more

8:06 AM

There’s nothing wrong with not liking something. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I have zero qualms with that.*  Read more

6:43 AM

Well, the negative articles get clicks, that’s just a fact. This editorial will get more viewings than likely anything else on io9 today. It’s what Splinter thrived off of. 

6:38 AM

I feel you 100%. Its not just that the writers and commenters at this site prefer one movie over another (which is perfectly fine!), it’s that many make out that by disliking TLJ and liking TRoS it somehow speaks negatively about you as a person, that this preference somehow reveals your socio-political affiliations… Read more

6:10 AM

I TOTALLY agree with you! I noticed this trend in the run up to Ready Player One, which for all its baggage was neither a completely terrible or dreadfully problematic movie, and yet it felt like the writers on this site went out of their to discourage people from seeing that movie… although not to the extent of TRoS Read more

9:02 PM

The Rise of Skywalker was bogged down by answering all the questions or re-answering all the questions The Last Jedi answered poorly and essentially disregarding that film (personally I didn’t like TLJ for many reasons, most of them plot and pacing). That’s the biggest weakness of Rise of Skywalker: trying to fix Read more

8:52 PM

Honestly, this is how I felt after each of the prequels, The Last Jedi and even The Force Awakens to some degree (and, to be totally honest, I wasn’t fully satisfied by Return of the Jedi either, as a kid, because Ewoks). Bizarrely enough, I think I may have *enjoyed* Rise of Skywalker the most out of the sequel Read more

8:34 PM

I felt the same way about The Last Jedi, but the consensus was that that made me a bad person. Why is it okay to not like Rise of Skywalker (which I did, actually, enjoy), and not okay to not like Last Jedi?

4:45 PM

He’s frequently an asshole, but that was funny and mostly on the mark. Alas, the new, extra-Woke AV Club has picked a side, and Gervais – no matter what he might sayain’t on it. To the extent that they’ll altering the facts in their reporting (citing Netflix where he – conspicuously if somewhat self-servingly – did Read more

8:33 AM

“Maybe he has a point, but there are few things more exhausting in Hollywood than a rich guy yelling at a bunch of other rich people about he’s more “woke” than they are.” Read more

3:27 AM

Predictable hot take from the AV Club: A recap based on the reviewer’s interpretation of the politics and intentions of the performer. Bonus points for zero fact-checking.

12:16 AM

Tolerable jokes? Skarsgard eyebrow joke being better than the entire monologue? Yeah, no. Gervais killed it. I don’t agree with some of his points or jabs, but I’m capable of putting those aside to admit the monologue was funny and entertaining.

9:49 PM

Okay, Gervais might be something of a hypocrite, but he’s not wrong about anyone in attendance.

7:50 AM

AVC Writers be like: “Come on, come on, come on, please please please cause a mass shooting, we really need those clicks.”