Thank you for your prompt response. I’ll edit my negative Yelp review and withdraw my complaint to the Better Business Bureau. Read more

Patrick has been fired for not referencing the extensive real-world history of ballistas being used to kill flame-breathing magical lizards the size of 747s. Read more

I like your bold anti-child beating stance. Read more

I nominate the Seiko 5 SNK809, this is a 21 jewels automatic Japanese movement for at around $50. That’s right you get a legendary brand, automatic time proven movement and a fantastic easy to read face for about $50. Dress it up in leather, dress it down in a Nato strap. I’ve owned my Seiko 5 for about a year and

I nominate the Seiko 5 SNK809, this is a 21 jewels automatic Japanese movement for at around $50. That’s right you

I think reported nationally more. I feel like I used to read about injuries like this in the local newspaper but it was a lot harder to hear about when they happened on the other side of the country pre-internet
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Honest question: is this a new trend in youth football, or is it just being reported more frequently these days? Read more

I think the normalization thing is so important. Part of the issue I had with my anxiety was that I didn’t know it was possible to feel another way. Sure, I couldn’t “calm down” on command, but I also didn’t really know what “calm” was. Of course I got twitchy when I had to sit still. I wasn’t used to it. Read more

As a conservative Christian, I'm thoroughly embarrassed, but at the same time, we deserve the title. If it meant anything, I'd do my best to apologize for the awful, unbiblical things self-declaring Christians have done and said that has warranted this dubious distinction. Read more

We're working on that. That'll be its own post. Read more

Is it cold where you are right now? If it is, please go outside and sit down, contemplate what exactly happened in your life that made you such a joyless prick, and then wait until you freeze to death. Read more

Here is the version I choose to believe is true, because it makes me feel less empty: Read more

So Jennings is averaging the best number of assists in his entire career at 7.8 while also averaging 17.5 per game and 1.9 three's per game. His FG% is bad as a whole but nearly just as bad as several other PG's out there. Jeff Teague for example is averaging the same amount of assists per game at 7.8 but hit less Read more

Every Hawks fan (all 6 of us) knew with absolute certainty that this would happen. Our lack of exposure helped considerably in getting rid of Joe and Josh. Warms my soul. Read more

What about the ratatouille in Ratatouille? I wanna know what it tastes like. Read more

The Braves' new stadium, by contrast, will be an inaccessible suburban theme park surrounded not by vibrant signs of city life but by sprawl—subdivisons, strip malls and SUV-choked interstates and access routes. Read more

Technically, Atlanta isn't as good an example of "white flight" as a lot of people think. Atlanta is more of a transplant city that pulled tons and tons of middle and upper middle class people in over the last 40 years. Those out of towners settled outside the perimeter, first to the east of town and then to the north Read more