Nov 4 2016

“[E]verything depends on one’s assumptions, but I think that our assumptions—a Clinton lead, sure, but high uncertainty—has repeatedly been validated by the evidence we’ve seen over the course of the past several months,” Silver told Politico in a story published today. “The idea that she’s a prohibitive, 95 Read more

May 23 2014

A few things to know on this Manziel lawsuit: Per Court clerk, the filer is a "frequent filer" & Samantha Schacher is an alias. (1/2) Read more

Apr 22 2014

Would have been far more effective in removing the lint had he started from the bottom.

Jan 29 2014

No. Just flat out no. Plows are not always out before the snow. Salt either comes too late, or can be washed away by rain that falls ahead of the snow. This makes for longer and more dangerous commutes. There will be deaths, easily topping the 5 in Alabama in larger cities. Yet life doesn't stop for those still alive. Read more

Jan 20 2014

Just playing devil's advocate here, can you discuss why you don't find her explanation credible?

Jan 20 2014

What is the point of posting this? Am I supposed to laugh at Knapp's (fairly reasonable) request? It's not like she had a lawyer accuse you of libel or some other overreaction.

Jan 14 2014

I prefer "LeBaroning," which is covering yourself with Corinthian leather and hoping nobody notices that you leave a puddle of oily brown liquid behind anytime you stand still for at least two minutes.