I wonder how her adopted latino daughter who isn't white or White "Passing" is being raised. Probably being raised to feel inferior and self-loathing Read more

The world only cares when little White girls cry. FIFY Read more

“It’s not like you to attack other women !” Taylor Swift tweeted this pretty much verbatim when Nicki Minaj called out the Grammys for not nominating and black artist that year or not awarding any that year. Taylor found a way to center herself as the victim and the morally superior one .Even though the tweet had Read more

Thats exactly what Taylor Swift did to Nicki Minaj all those years ago after the tweet about the Grammy nomination. It is right out of the White Feminism handbook. Read more

Or a line of Ministers like in Wicked the novel.  Read more

Aalways say “Happy Holidays !"Instead of Marry Christmas instead when talking to Conservatives.  Read more

It’s almost like Joe Biden wants be president or something ?/s Read more

I’m convinced Amash is doing this for Malicious reasons he wants four more years of Trump. So people just want to watch the world burn. I don't care if he stood up to Trump either. These guys are playing the long game with a lot of underhanded tactics.  Read more

With Bolsonaro as long as it's the non-white Brazilians he could care less how many die . In America Trump loves seeing the blue states and all the non-whites die. Trump's supporters feel the same. Read more

Kanye West anyone ? I never bought his bi-polar excuse it seems too calculated. He knew he had gotten all the mileage out being overcome with grief for his dead mother. Kanye is a troll who is addicted to attention and self promotion.  Read more

White Dad Asian Mom those kids are usually racist as hell.  They have something to prove cause they usually can't "Pass" as White but desperately want to. I remember reading Elliott Rodgers manifesto and it was abundantly clear .  Read more

I have a feeling he has a movie or some other project coming out. This is good free promotion. It keeps his name out there and relevant.  Read more

White Dad  and an Asian mom fully expect him to be racist as hell. They have feel they have something to prove cause they usually can't "Pass" for white ,but desperately want too. I remember reading Elliott Rodgers manifesto.  Read more

Storm Thurmond had a black daughter with his 14 year old.His white family cut her out of the will when he died. Older Black women in the South voted for Boden because they think he has the best chance to win against Trump.  Read more

He has children with her. They are connected forever. It makes me not trust Gavin's overall judgment.  Read more

The Black community has a deep abiding hatred of Black women that's all. Read more

Black men play this kind of game with BW all the time. Black folks wanna get mad cause a white man did it that’s all. We don’t treat our own right. How you gonna expect anyone else to either ? Read more

White female teachers hate little Black girls the most Read more

Tyra wasn’t in the George Michael video that was Naomi Campbell  Read more