5:16 PM

I have come to enjoy Lawyers, Guns, and Money for my left-leaning analysis lately. It’s got Splinter’s snark, without being nearly as condescending and full of itself. Read more

4:17 PM

They killed it without any warning or send-off on purpose, to show that they not only didn’t respect or value Splinter, but that they had open contempt for its content and its staff. Read more

4:04 PM

This is the pot calling the kettle black, but why are you still visiting sites here? By doing so, you’re contributing to the bottom line of these evil assholes. Read more

3:41 PM

I am calling “too far left” going beyond a reasonable level and attacking anyone slightly to the right of them. It was slowly becoming a left version of Fox News at times. Nothing wrong with anyone’s view points, but the opinion pieces and comments sometimes screamed “centrists are evil devils worse than the KKK”. Read more

3:40 PM

I’m assuming he’s already left this world. I can’t imagine it would be as fun for him to pretend to be an auto enthusiast on Jalopnik.

3:38 PM

Splinter was good. Although full disclosure, I admit avoided it from time to time when I felt it was getting toxic from the constant vitriol. And while I’m being honest, this post almost made me abandon it altogether: Read more

3:27 PM

I didn’t agree with a lot of the posts on Splinter and I often disagreed with a lot of the comments. But the one thing I always appreciated was that when something absolutely ludicrous happened and not nearly enough people were going around saying, “What the flying fuck was that?” I could always find people on Read more

3:12 PM

Towards the end it got a little too far left at times, and I’m 99% sure about a third of the comments were by trolls (mostly masquerading as liberals). But it was a good way to get the new succinctly. CNN is such a cluster I have trouble trying to figure out what might actually be important news and what’s just crap.

2:10 PM

I never noticed until now that Han doesn’t even have to move. Greedo misses anyway. Why bother wiggling Han?

1:48 PM

Unfortunately, to balance out the karma for that, Disney went ahead and fucked with the Greedo scene again. Read more

1:27 PM

Apples to oranges comparison. They are more monocultured (is that a word?) than the US is. It’s easier to teach a class when they all have a shared history, language, and culture. 

12:49 PM

You could also look at it the other way. Why is schooling encroaching on a kid’s time for anything else in life? They get 6 to 8 hours a day to teach, that leaves like 2 hours for anything else. I am grateful to have kids that seem book smart, but I also want them to be well rounded. Dedicating everything to schooling Read more

11:55 AM

I’m going to have to disagree with living alone, though I must admit I’ve never done it myself.

lol, how cute. The only people that has ever disagreed with me on the rommate issue have never lived alone... I wonder why ?

In all seriousness, I was gonna assume you were in your 20s, but then I read you are 39... idk man, Read more

10:44 AM

I got some Allen Edmonds once and now I am forever ruined. The best part was, I just bought them used on ebay, turned around and sent them to Allen Edmonds to have them completely refinished to basically new and I had a $500 shoe for less than $200.

11:26 AM

I don’t know who the woman in that clip is, but she needs to take PR 101. Arguing with the mob will never work, and you’ll only look more like an ass as you do it. I bet she thinks that “you’ll have to date online because you’re not impressing anyone here” line killed and she has no concept of how lame she really Read more