May 4 2018

Yeah that’s kind of how it was described in this run, that it became more of a title than a name. But its still his freaking name. His title is God of Thunder which Jane rightfully took when she got his powers. All-Father is a title Thor took in the distant future when he became king, but he didn’t start calling Read more

Feb 8 2018

Oh fuck her. Wasn’t she the one who said we would all be “bowing down to President Trump”? She doesn’t believe any of this. She is just trying to spin her ass being booted.

Dec 6 2017

It cannot be comfortable to hold.
Bat spikes right into the palms?

Sep 3 2017

Trump doesn’t do tradition. He simply won’t write a letter. Not even a tweet. He’ll just act like it is stupid to do so. Read more

Aug 2 2017

a) Went way overboard on wedding costs and months down the road were trying to undo the damage by refusing to pay for anything they could manage to Read more

Jul 17 2017

Who does she think is going to vote her? I’m genuinely curious. I don’t really see how a Republican could to expect to win a statewide election in California, especially if the Republican base is already prejudiced against her for being a trans woman. She can’t be counting on Democratic support, because even people Read more

Jun 30 2017

Trump seems to be obsessed with women’s blood/women’s bleeding in a disturbing way. Has anyone else commented on this or consulted a psychological expert for further insight? Seriously.

Jun 29 2017

“Sarah Huckabee Sanders: ‘[Americans] Knew What They Were Getting When They Voted for Donald Trump’”
Absolutely. That’s why most Americans DIDN’T vote for him. Damn the Electoral College to the deepest pits of Hyades.

Jun 29 2017

Yeah, I knew what I was getting. That’s why I voted against the sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, incestual, paranoid, idiotic, treasonous, poorphobic, greedy, eduphobic, evil, climate denying shit pile.

Jun 28 2017

So the TSA just gets to take pictures of your stuff and tweet it now? The next time I fly and I happen to pack, oh I don’t know, a great big dildo I shouldn’t be surprised to see a picture of some TSA dude holding it up with a smirk? Great.

Jun 27 2017

The average Trump supporter oscillates between not giving a fuck what foreign countries think about the United States and enjoying the fact other countries hate the United States. They’d call this data a success!