9/02/16 9:04AM

That's big talk from the captain of a vessel with entirely exposed exhaust vents.

4/08/16 3:26PM

“American Cities, Listed Randomly”

3/24/16 2:51PM

We hear you like Grills, so we got a grill for your grill. And we put a grill on yo’ grill-grill. Now you can grill on your grill-grill.

3/24/16 1:37PM

I’m with you. I can’t imagine what I’m going to buy after my ‘06 GMC dies. The last thing I want is my truck to look like some aggro intimidator every time someone looks in their mirror. Is it related to crash standards that dictate the maximum height of the bumper? I’d kill for something with the dimensions of an ‘82 Read more

3/24/16 12:52PM

Had one of these brand new. Loved it. One day it eventually returned back to the earth as iron oxide.

3/24/16 12:41PM

I had one of those back in the day. Man, I loved that thing.

2/29/16 1:59PM

Anker PowerCore+ 20100. It’s got huge capacity, good build quality, and a good set of ports - 2 type A (good old USB) that do 2.4A each, and a type C port that I’ve personally tested at nearly 3A so it should charge most any of your devices at full speed. Battery gauge is 10 LEDs, which is a minor thing but it does

Anker PowerCore+ 20100. It’s got huge capacity, good build quality, and a good set of ports - 2 type A (good old

2/11/16 9:01PM

If Hoboken doesn’t build their seawall, after the next superstorm, the money they saved on the seawall could be spent on their Gondolas!

2/09/16 11:20PM

Of course, its SOP for passing unpopular laws of all know...politics. Here in CA the state legislature will ‘shelve’ pending legislation that only pleases their donors, wait until a few minutes before the close of the session, then re-introduce it and pass it without comment or any care that the people Read more

2/09/16 10:25PM

I think you are looking at it in the wrong direction. You are not the government agency in charge of defining vegetables. If they later saw it, they would be able to say that you were being deceptive by slipping it in and mislabeling your application. They would then clarify beer is not a vegetable and has never been Read more

2/05/16 7:08AM

I’m guessing you aren’t over the age of 55-60. Newer ultra-reflective sheeting can make signage very difficult to read at night if you have less than average vision. The letters become blurry and have halos — that’s the problem they were trying to solve, and it still needs to be addressed.

2/03/16 6:27PM

About a billion posts deep here and nobody’s defending Scion, so I will, and thankfully it’s not hard.
Read more

1/29/16 3:46PM

This. Barely enough heat trickles out of the vents of my old TDI from a cold idle. I’ll start it beforehand so the heated seats, rear defroster and mirror defrosters have a chance to do their thing, but 10 minutes later when I get in, the air coming out of the vents might be 65ºF (hah not defrosting anything). Such is Read more

1/29/16 3:13PM

It’s for the numpties that have remote starters and forgot they left the wipers on HIGH when they parked last night during the beginning of the snowfall. Read more