Sep 11 2017

Ugh I don’t like him. The “sisters” really rubs me the wrong way. Like you’re a white guy from the middle of nowhere, not a Black drag queen, calm down.

Aug 24 2017

I’d argue they’re not secret, you just became aware of it because of the election.

Aug 18 2017

Yeah I’ve seen digital downloads! I think I’m going to do it!

Aug 17 2017

wow do you think it would work for tarot card readings? How much of a cut do they take? Do you have to advertise a lot?

Aug 6 2017

I just saw your other post. Might be worth getting a taser, mace, a doberman, something!

Aug 6 2017

This man literally stole your underwear and you’re still talking!? You need to go to the police! And tell your roomates he cannot come over anymore. ASAP. IMMEDIATELY.

Jul 31 2017

Speaking of sex...I posted about trying to find a silent vibrator and another GT’er recc’d you. Do you have any suggestions?

Jul 20 2017

The creepiest was that the door was open at one of them like they knew they were coming.

Jul 12 2017

I thought this was going to be about the early 2000s version of XO Jane’s “It Happened to Me” like those “real life” stories where girls were raped, or in bad accidents etc. I also remember reading in CosmoGirl or Seventeen someone wrote in and complained about how graphic one of the “Steamy secrets” type columns Read more

Jul 10 2017

Omg the days where putting your arm around your crush is moving too fast. I cackled. Remember that book The Notebook Girls where three girls published this notebook they passed around in high school? I remember thinking that was revolutionary.

Jul 7 2017

Lots of these fashion sites from China often use pictures from reputable brands and re-make knockoffs in the same material. Like Chicwish, RomWe etc. The shipping takes forever and the clothing usually doesn’t hold up. I’d not order from them.