I think this a various of the vagina monologues. But yeah this sums up my idea of cunt.

I'm going to start calling it a "va-Geena" in her honor.

I am sorry that you felt that this incredibly diverse group of winners at this awards show was so boring and elitists. I guess that acknowledging that Asian, Latino’s and African Americans were represented AND winners who were called up on the stage is too much of a bother for you and not entertaining for you at all…

Breaking: certain segments of the population like to watch women orgasm on video.

A male bisexual with two dicks? That like, at least, qualifies as a new mythical creature. We need to give him a name - like a centaur or something. Dicktaur?

Look, comedy is one of those sacred arenas where I think political correctness should have some flexibility. If the context, the delivery, and the joke itself are all funny and expertly executed, it doesn't really matter if it's perfectly PC. In fact, I think that sometimes humor in all of its brazen and insensitive Read more

I've got your fracking 'shopped toaster right here.

Perfect location for Medieval Land Fun-Time World:

Donald Duck and Porky Pig were fucking visionaries.

No, because using that logic a white man shouldn't of written "Strange Fruit."

Forget all the freaky animal wines, I'm mad as hell that they waste a whole pizza "straining" it to make that beer. And washing all the "essences of pizza spices" with hot water. This is pizza abuse and it should not stand!