Mar 19

This was back in the good old days before drivers were restrained. He probably got launched from the car and rag-dolled across the infield. Then dusted himself off and grabbed a nice warm blatz and a long draw off a strangers Pall Mall.

Mar 14

These saved my life in 1990. A drunk driver trying to make an offramp sent me into them at ~50mph in a flimsy Rabbit GTI. It was the ONE time in my life I was driving without a seatbelt. We were all seriously bruised up but fine. Read more

Mar 10

Excellent example of a beautiful bio-inspired ship. I’m pleased that Farscape falls into the Big Questions category, even if it was mostly space opera.

Feb 15

Until 1983 Japan had a regulation that the mirror needed to be visible through the area of the windshield swept by the windshield wipers. Once that law was relaxed, it didn’t take long for the functionally superior door-mounted mirrors to replace fender mirrors entirely (some taxi drivers kept them as blind spot Read more

Feb 14

The boulder got knocked 30 feet away?  She really was stoned!

May 8 2019

I heard there’s a sail at Ethan Allen’s. Everything's half life.

Jan 29 2016

In a similar but unrelated note, I now bump into men who walk right into my path instead of moving to the side as we pass on narrow sidewalks.