2:15 PM

I was going to make a Shadowrun joke but figure most people only know the game because of that awesome online first-person shooter. 

2:03 PM

I know it was all supposed to be a joke, but you just know that there are some people who sincerely think that a military base in the desert is mostly base and not mostly desert.

1:58 PM

Yeah the Post-Clone Saga, pre-JMS run of Spider-Man is at best forgettable. Aside from an attempt to make Peter single by killing off MJ only to later reveal that she was actually kidnapped by a stalker to undoing Aunt May’s death in the dumbest nonsensical way possible it's incredibly dull. 

1:47 PM

LOL NO NO.....It’s going to be like Red Dawn! A rag tag group of teens are going to storm the place!

1:23 PM

Somehow, this still wasn’t enough successes rolled.

1:22 PM

It’s an honest shame the air force won’t actually be able to gun down our doofiest citizens as they Naruto run across the desert floor, but what can you do?

12:04 PM

So...does this mean Disney still has the rights to Night Monkey?

11:51 AM

My 14 year-old and her group of friends are more in the sporty group and only a couple have really expressed much interest in boys (it’s also probably a pretty intimidating crowd to approach). I’m fine with this, because I know the day is coming and have no interest in rushing it.

9:48 AM

No, you were really bad at your job. I remember you... the pizza was jammed against the side of the box and all the toppings had slid to one side. Was your backseat at some sort of super weird angle or something? No one’s gonna fuck a pizza boy who messes up their pies.

Fair point. I had a good friend in high school

6:39 AM

Was there a booth nearby where he could exchange said energy drinks for cash money like at a pachinko parlor?