Oct 28 2013

It appears the attraction between us is—ferrocious.

Sep 2 2013

I thought I was going nuts when it started happening. It started with the breathing, that sick raspy throaty breathing that feels like you're in a action film and you've just gotten away from the bad guy, and you're sitting there against the cement trying to gain control, and now you think you know what an asthma Read more

Aug 21 2013

It's still one of our favorite apps, and there's still a story behind how it was made.

Aug 20 2013

In uding it now, its realy gopd. O wull rwcimend it to everuone

Jul 24 2013

I agree. Without music it would be much scarier.

Jul 7 2013

I love the Apple Care+ for $99. Stunning minimalist design, protects against accidental drops on water or land.

Jul 6 2013

I have your solution - big on cases myself and found this to be your perfect match, also the best case I own.

The Elago S5 Glide. There are 3 main types of cases: Snap on (really thin), Thick/bulky cases, Slide on. The Elago is a slide on case, which means that if it's dropped, it won't snap back off again!

Super safe,