Oct 24

[Amazing Grace on bagpipes from a great distance]

Jan 29 2019

You drive by a mitsubishi lot every day? That’s rough.

Jul 19 2018

Not to mention that the sheriff’s main reasoning for buying this car was for drag-racing on the taxpayer’s dime to...teach people about illegal street racing?

Jul 19 2018

At least those funds are carefully collected with strict oversight from suspects and the money or property is promptly returned if no crime was committed... Read more

Jul 19 2018

Asset forfeiture is a scandal and a travesty. If conducted at all it should be court-approved and paid into the state like taxes, not used as an individual sheriff’s personal or departmental slush fund. Read more

Jul 19 2018

Sheriff Conway’s office paid $69,258 for the Hellcat back in April. The purchase was made with asset forfeiture funds and was initially approved by the Department of Justice under its “equitable sharing program,” Read more

Jan 3 2018

C5 Corvette? Yeah, great car. More practical than you think, insurance doesn’t cost much more than a Miata, and most newer cars have panels that are meant to be replaced instead of repaired anyway. Go for it.

Feb 17 2016

I have to say, this really is one of the best sounding engines posted here. That thing revs QUICK. The kind of motor that’ll cost you if you miss a shift.

Feb 17 2016

While not technically a V8, the W8 is my favorite 8 cylinder sound. To quote a friend “it sounds like a wookie orgasm”.

Feb 17 2016

That was nice of him to pull forward before he started revving the engine with the exhaust dumping right out the side like that to not damage the car nearby :O

Feb 17 2016

This guy in his old school hot rod who got tired of hearing Honda’s rev their engines. Jump to 20 seconds for the fun