Nick Clinite
Aug 3

Study tip: If you’re reading about Congress, and the word “Compromise” comes up, it ain’t good for people of color.

Aug 3

It was a great piece. Also a problem with the way history is taught is how we center white people and institutions as solving America’s racial injustices. Shit like “Lincoln freed the slaves” and “the Supreme Court ended segregation in schools. Read more

Jul 31

Yea I heard eating cheese gyuudon is all the rage with the cool kids! I’m gonna run to Matsuya right now!

Jul 30

Great cover. However there is a correction. Miss Breonna Taylor did not die unexpectedly. Miss Breonna Taylor was murdered. Read more

Jul 29

Most people would prefer Stacey Adams, but I think her work is so much more important than what she could accomplish as the VP. Harris is a good counter to the boot-lickers blue lives crowd and would definitely energize the campaign in the last three months. 

Jul 29

I honestly don’t care about Winds of Winter anymore. It’s been 8 years since I finished A Dance of Dragons and I couldn’t remember most of the book only plot points if you put a gun to my head. I can’t be arsed working my way through a wiki to get refreshed on the plot points. Read more

Jul 28

You sure as hell better believe if some Democrat in the Alabama House had gone to an event honoring Joseph Stalin that they’d have been officially censured faster than you can say “Communism.” Read more

Jul 28

“Let the voters decide” is them trying to say “we’re not racists, the people of Alabama are racists!”

Jul 28

remember 3 days ago when the media was practically orgasmic that trump had totally changed his rhetoric and was taking the virus seriously?

Jul 28

all those impeccable qualifications AND she’s a black! All those people who called him a racist better start preparing their apologies now...

Jul 26

I’m sure the NRA will use the full power of its platform to make sure that this young man exercising his 2nd Amendment rights gets justice; just like they did for Philandro Castile and Kenneth Walker. Read more

Jul 25

The GOP knows their base are lazy, easily distracted and can be manipulated like cats following a laser pointer.

Jul 24

Go take some photos at Shogun Studios when you get a chance, and I guarantee it will put a smile on your face. Also, if the bobby scene hurt, then you better brace yourself for the ending (and the 100% post credits scene).

Jul 20

Bitch MCConnell is already trying to message “civility” in the Senate seeing as how Jones in Alabama is actually fighting to hold onto his seat, and Collins is basically going to be run out of Maine on a rail the Republicans hold on the Senate seems to be a stretch come November.