Always always always film cops if you can, its everyone’s responsibility and duty as American citizens. If they don’t do anything wrong, it’s harmless, if they break the law and commit crimes, they have to be held accountable. Read more

It should be noted that making a blindside tackle of someone is the absolute opposite of defending yourself. Read more

That’s a funny argument. I don’t pirate, but if I had a target for piracy it’d be the Chinese, because they keep being shits about respecting IP. But then again, whatever the Chinese make that they bill as “Created In China” will always be inferior to Japanese, Korean, or Western products.

Ain’t nobody gonna bother Read more

Why the “lol”? Recent mobile GPUs are 10% or less difference from their desktop counterparts in performance. They’re viable gaming machines now, and now that most higher end laptops have Thunderbolt 3, you can even pair an external GPU to get more life out of them. Read more

There’s a FoTNS game coming out soon that’s a crossover with the Yakuza series. I don’t know if it’s up your alley, but it looks pretty fun and ridiculous.

I admit that a tiny part of me is salty that this isn’t a general Shonen Jump game. J-Stars Victory Vs. didn’t look very good, especially in Story Mode where they Read more

It wasn’t with this engine, but ArcSys did make a FotNS fighting game back in the early 2000's. It has a hilariously broken combo system. Read more

I want this game, but with Sailor Moon characters. IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES. Read more

Release more malware to fight the existing malware! Read more

Seriously, what an idiot. Take fifty grand and you’ll get away before they even notice. Try to take a quarter of the GDP of Earth and you’re not going to get squat.
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HOW ARE THEY JUST REALIZING THIS? The noise pollution in our society is totally out of control. Just another reason the ICE needs to be retired. Read more

The mega-douchebag demographic has been saturated. Good riddance.
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The offset where those two panels meet and the panel gap between them is bothering the hell out of me, especially considering this is a $200K vehicle. Read more

To make matters worse for Harley Davidson, most young people loathe Harleys. Read more

“a rare Indian-American with a high-profile within the US entertainment industry” Read more