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i will check it out for sure out of curiosity ;) Read more

that’s not really how it goes Read more

2010 Ford Edge, i’ve used it for carrying anything you can think of, like if it were a pickup truck;) still going strong to this day Read more

btw, electric school buses made in Quebec are a thing; Read more

it’s Fontainebleau, and not Fontainebleu school of painting...
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nice to see you’re back, Erica. Read more

In northern Québec, Suzuki SX4's are sold almost the same day they appear on the dealer lot Read more

Sorry, but Audi reps don’t read this section! Read more

yeah we have a few of those at the mine i work at.  such a beauty.  But they are so abused, it is beyond belief.  So sad.

What an eye opener, i had no idea woman had to go through that kind of shit! Read more