2:32 PM

At my old place i had an unfinished basement and lived alone, so fumes weren’t an issue. So here those have both changed so i have to make more of an effort. I'm planning to build a simple box with a cheap 80cfm bathroom exhaust fan sucking through a furnace filter and exhausting outside. 

3:54 PM

No problem at all! I like going around the insane evilbay market place when I can.  This one will probably be priced super high on there, it seems a lot of people want it.  Lucky for you it doesn’t fit in my collection ;)

1:09 PM

Well I’m in the southeast, and this was a fresh dump bin.   Feels like the east is last to get anything compared to what I see people in TX and the west coast posting.  

10:57 AM

That’s a super cool article! Kei cars are just soo cute. I’m hoping to see more castings like this in the future. Tomcia makes some cool variants of the sambar like these burger and noodle trucks.

11:43 PM

I’ve found that different stores in the same general area will have a different selection. But they do mix in new product throughout the season, so you might get lucky on a return trip. My first trip to my closest store was seemingly nothing but the Costco exclusive Nissan R35, but a week later they had the Huracan Read more

12:36 PM

That’s just my desk at work. My display cases at home are a whole other thing. I think I have two jammer cases of just 911's as well. I guess I kinda of like the model.

10:01 AM

Great find!
Too bad about the A pillars, but if you’re going to paint it anyway you can 
JB-Weld some new ones in from a donor vehicle. The windshield might be saved, try dipping it in Future floor wax “with acrylic shine.”
I love the older Yatmings with opening features. I’ve rescued far too many...

7:35 PM

Let me know if you’re in LA on a Wednesday or Saturday. And bring extra cash... not because you’re gonna get robbed but... 

10:29 AM

Glad you like the extra bug. I figured since you snapped up every other air-cooled german car that would find a good home with you.

9:06 AM

I wonder if this is going to be like some Hot Wheels version of Nintendo’s miibo / Disney Infinity / Skylanders or something along those lines. Where the cars you buy unlock the cars in-game. That’s what this is starting to look like to me. And I think that would be pretty awesome too.