Oct 22

Hard to say as this article was written to tell us what it doesn’t do, even though the writer doesn’t know either. Read more

Oct 22

Get fucked dude. No one says they have to accept the generous gift. Sell it and take the cash? Just say you don’t want it? Read more

Oct 22

There are many, many, many services that essentially do what Amazon is doing here - and I should know because I’ve worked for some of them. Entire businesses are built around harvesting spend data from grocery/drug store loyalty cards; from credit card purchases; from surveys about spending habits; and from asking Read more

Oct 22

Wow, that’s almost as bad as constantly criticizing a company while using their affiliate links everywhere. 

Oct 21

The original Hummer was conceived as a way for civilians to play war, driving around a street-“friendly” version of the Humvee, a war machine used to plunder foreign lands for riches. The Humvee was an essential tool in the Iraq War, a disastrous conflict manufactured to grab control of oil. In a neat symmetry,

Oct 20

I wouldn’t say that NASCAR’s anti-racist rhetoric is hollow. How they’ve reacted to other drivers and employees pushing back about the confederate flag ban, support of BLM and Bubba, along with the suspension of Larson are all pretty strong. Read more

Oct 20

I agree with everything you said, except that flying is no more dangerous than going shopping. It sounds like there is good science that says its significantly safer than going shopping due to the rapid circulation of air. Read more

Oct 20

I mean, even if the IATA’s take on the study is wrong, I see nothing in this article which says the original study by United and the DOD was flawed in any way, which means they are likely correct in the high safely of airplanes due to extremely high air circulation. Just because the data as far as how many people are Read more

Oct 20

You are not alone. I hate crowds, this sounds like heaven to me.

Oct 20

I dunno if it’s just the introvert in me, but that sounds much nicer than the alternative.

Oct 19

This is a serious question - what penance should be considered sufficient for his misdeeds? If he has genuinely learnt the error of his ways from the education and (hopefully) period of reflection he’s undertaken, and he’s now doing more work in the area to improve both himself and the community, it seems reasonable Read more

Sep 21 2018

This sounds a lot like the kind of street racing behavior that gets innocent bystanders killed, and that Jalopnik usually takes pains to denounce. Read more