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5:18 PM

Right. I’m inclined to believe neither of these people is a saint. She’s been notorious since long before she met Depp, including having abused her girlfriend in an airport. Years ago multiple people who knew her personally were already telling me she was a sociopath. But this isn’t either/or. If he abused her, her Read more

1:30 AM

Honestly, I think TERFs (at least female TERFs) have a lot of internalized misogyny. They hate the fact that they are women because of the influence of the patriarchy and they can’t believe anyone would willingly choose to be a woman. Read more

6:01 PM

Those Disney kids all grow up great, don’t they? Who would have thought that a mega-corporation built upon the commercial exploitation of wholesome family entertainment would actually turn out to be a destructive, sexual abuse perpetuating, childhood trauma factory?

4:10 AM

Not to mention that if she says she was bullied maybe she fucking was? WTF are Jezebel doing trashing a woman for talking about her experience of mistreatment? Read more

11:47 PM

But Watson’s well intentioned humanitarian work has its limits. It’s unclear whether the hotline will benefit more white-collar workers or blue-collar ones, who may already be involved in their own workplace lawsuits and still failing to find justice? Read more

5:14 PM

While I don’t think Williamson is the ideal spokesperson for this issue, I’m disturbed by the fact that people think her perspective is mere quackery. I am well educated in psychology. I have also used antidepressants and would do so again if necessary. I advocate for their appropriate use. I think they save people’s Read more

12:23 AM

How could anyone get excited about voting for Sanders? What is it about him people even like? The Medicare for all? The debt cancellation? The ethical consistency? The bringing a swift end to the rampant thievery and corruption within the pharmaceutical industries? Read more

6:55 PM

He’s not saying that people “only like Warren because she’s a woman.” He’s saying that his platform and ideals are similar to hers, and that between the two of them, people may poll in favor of her because she represents something different than another old white man. Which... is true! (Though yes, ideally he should Read more

5:09 AM

He didn’t say people only like her because she’s a woman, so I honestly don’t know what you’re talking about.

11:53 PM

No, it’s not all he said. I previously complimented Emily on her writing, saying she doesn’t belong at Jezebel. I see I was wrong. This article is malicious clickbait.

1:00 AM

It was like if all the action of Richard III culminated in Richard leaving the battlefield, eating some fish that didn’t agree with him, and dying in the night. Read more

4:15 PM

There’s some truth to her statements. Not everybody understands the subtler point about the antidote to toxic masculinity being healthy masculinity. Like it or not, a lot of young men grow up feeling shamed. This is, in and of itself, toxic. It leads to resentment and defensiveness and self loathing and reaction Read more

2:58 PM

Her proposal is very silly, but not because it negates women who don’t choose to have sex or (God help me) because it will lead to rape. It’s stupid because it’s shallow, performative, seemingly narcissistic claptrap that won’t be adopted and won’t accomplish anything. Women abstaining from sex is not the cause of rape

5:36 AM

Your partner exists, but so do the scientific facts you are rejecting because they don’t fit with your ideological narrative. You were spoken to very disrespectfully, and I do not think that was appropriate or necessary, but if you’re going to misrepresent research as you did you are not doing trans-women any favors. Read more