5:41 PM

You can praise 0bamacare if you like but their web-site was shit and what good is coverage if you can’t afford the deductible? It was a mess before the mandate was killed. But hey, if you like your plan and your doctor, you can keep them, amiright? I don’t want the government mandating that the citizens buy anything. Read more

10:59 PM

Do you know why the 2 Series is now FWD? BMW once polled its 1 Series owners and MOST of them thought it was already a FWD car (it wasn’t). BMW owners do not care about what’s under the hood.

7:55 PM

Consider: female Jedi protagonist, black male lead, female Stormtrooper villain, white guy villains. Yet not a peep. Read more

10:03 PM

If you read my comments, I at no point claimed a 1 solution fits all. As I clarified, BEVs can handle the majority, and anything it can’t can be filled in with biomethane in plugin-hybrid form. Biomethane is cheaper than hydrogen and infrastructure is already there and can be the stop gap for the niches hydrogen can Read more

12:58 PM

Hydrogen had a lot more research into it, it fell out because the tech was seen as impractical. The surge of BEVs stems from the fact that the tech got into the practical zone with a foreseeable future. Sure, there is room for growth for both techs, but if you look at theoretical limits set by physics, BEVs have a Read more

9:31 PM

Any automaker that doesn’t really embrace EVs will find themselves totally unable to catch up in another 5 years. Once the infrastructure is even more robust there’ll be virtually no barrier for EVs to be adopted and battery costs are constantly coming down. EVs are likely going to be cheaper than ICE vehicles within Read more

4:42 PM

They think they can spend the money to bribe politicians into allowing them to keep making high profit ICE cars for the long term, instead of legislating them out of existence as lots of Europe, California, and elsewhere are moving. That is the situation.

4:30 PM

Japan’s auto industry knows what side its bread is buttered on. I read a Japanese article in 2012 that detailed their existential dread with the threat of electrification. Their auto parts makers are shivering in their boots and the auto manufacturers aren’t far behind. All the terror is rooted in the fact that Read more

2:41 PM

Why does it matter if “electric vehicle testing is complicated”. As long as the EPA applies it’s rules across the board for all electric car manufacturers, why give Porsche special treatment?

2:37 PM

If we use your logic you’d be happy if a econo car in its class that would tend to get around 35 MPG were to get 20MPG instead.

2:18 PM

coal is clean, right? Dotard said so in his state of the union...

2:02 PM

Whatever you do, don’t get him started on the subsidies. His head will explode and he’ll start talking about hybrids and posting pictures of LA’s power plant and...oh...I see it’s already started.

1:19 PM

You’re talking to somebody who predicted Tesla would fail imminently in September 2018.

12:40 PM

I’d rather drive 200 miles continuously with the peace of mind that I’ll always get 200 than have 400 degrade to 200 over time. I could foresee myself getting stranded often if I followed that higher expectancy of range. Read more

9:08 AM

This - the very thought that a VAG vehicle was designed for "reliability" made me spit coffee out my nose. Even if this battery pack lasts l ok get, some other critical component is going to fail expensively.  And frankly, I'd rather have a friendly Tesla rep.come out to my house to swap out a motor in my driveway Read more