Oct 23

Thanks for the detailed response I totally agree. Knowing my Miata already is a big reason I don't want to buy an unknown track car even with amazing documentation. I'm not worried financially really I'm just finally being slightly more realistic lol I understand the game, it's my hobby so I'm happy to spend more just Read more

Oct 18

No, but I have considered spending 3 times as much on a V8 4x4 truck I don't need. Does that count?

Oct 16

It is. People were sick of exactly what we still experience. And Hillary was a great symbol of the insider politician. Read more

Oct 2

Wow... this is some fantastic info. Thank you!
Also, good for you for getting a 2dr. I love seeing someone driving around in a brand-new 2dr for the #purity

I do think the engine is a strange matchup with the chassis. The Pentastar has never been a torquey motor, but then they decide to throw it in the applications Read more

Sep 29

I figure if I get in on version 1.0 of the tracking/control chip it’ll be outdated and crash that much quicker.

Aug 31

Did I go look for that intersection on google maps?

Yes. what a dumb question...

Aug 13

I had a similar experience on a road trip many years ago, driving overnight from PA to Louisiana. I had stopped along the way and picked up a couple of cans of Rockstar, which I drank within approximately 20 minutes. I felt very awake after that, but it made the I-75/24/59 hop around Chattanooga very surreal, like a Read more

Aug 5
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In the past 3 weeks since I bought a new Golf GTI, the car has singlehandedly reminded me why I love cars so much.