Spam and Eggs
Jan 10

Damnit, Gita! I’m going to miss your Sims coverage. You made me buy each expac and and play feverishly for days at a time. Read more

Dec 5 2019

Gods damnit, I'm going to miss you here. I have loved your work and will follow you to the NEXT BIG THING.

Nov 20 2019

A-freaking-men to all of this. I am having a blast in Galar and GameFreak did an excellent job. It feels fresh and and exciting to roam through the Wild Area, seeing all those little ‘mons just hanging about, waiting to chase me as I ride past. 

Jul 12 2019

Holy shit, Gita! Your article makes me even more excited for this game! Release can’t get here soon enough!

Jul 11 2019

Y’all make me so happy. I’m hype for season 4 and really hope they are able to learn from their past mistakes!

Mar 20 2019

KWEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHH!!!! I am so freaking excited to start this tonight!

Mar 18 2019

It is affecting my turret, drone, and hive. Makes soloing and duoing less awesome. Not stopping me from throwing myself at enemies, though!

Aug 1 2018

OH FUCK. Gita, you are everything. Your articles always speak to me and this one made me LOL OJ out my nose. <3<3<#