Nissan Altima. My husband and I went to Denver with our newborn daughter for his best friends wedding. He was a groomsman so he’s off doing that while I’m with the baby. I get a call like 2 hours before the wedding, groom left his boots at his parents house 40 minutes away then wedding venue is just shy of an hour Read more

Just to think, the item that pushes your car from repaired to totaled could be the useless airbag that does nothing but bruise your knee. Read more

I love how that seat-belt plug has DO NOT USE as a disclaimer. Read more

Get a better job and maybe you could get a 12-owner Type R someday. Read more

Only if you name them Ricciardo and Hulkenberg Read more

$90k? For that kind of money I can get an ultra-low mile Integra GSR Read more

Yeah but vehicle conversion rates are more like 1:1 dollar to pound. So if they were to sell it here it would only be $72k Read more

Fun story, I recently got a new supervisor at work who moved out here (Utah) from New Jersey. On his initial visit out before he moved, I noticed that he was driving a Chevy Trax rental. So I asked him “What do you drive? Because I noticed your rental is a Trax, so that’s what I’m associating you with, and nobody Read more

“By far, the worst rentals come from Nissan.” Read more

The Dodge Journey I’m currently renting is the most meh car to have ever meh. It’s incredibly devoid of personality. I don’t even know what model year it is, but knowing Dodge it could be a 2008 or a 2018, I’m sure the two models would look exactly the fucking same.
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My FRS is currently in the body shop to repair damage courtesy of an idiot backing into me in a parking lot. The only thing the rental had that wasn’t a pickup or SUV was a new Camry (under 3k on the odo). It’s a steaming pile of crap. Overweight and clumsy, awful throttle response even when in Park, unpredictable Read more

Toyota Camry.

Not because it was a bad car to drive. It was fine, and I was in a major urban area, so a punchier car would have been useless.

No, it was bad because Toyota does not, in 2019, have Android Auto or CarPlay. They make you download their own half-baked app. Terrible interface, horrendous name/address Read more

The greatest benefit of solar panels like this is to trickle charge the 12V battery so you can run the HVAC fans for longer periods without draining the battery. Read more

so this is where the Rear Engine Camry Idea came from huh?  Read more

Not having analytics is a feature, not a bug for Baby-Boomers. They know what works, their guts told ‘em so. Analytics would contradict that. Read more

I used to work for a very large, very well-known national food brand. Daily Meal was hot on my digital agency’s tail to get us to advertise. I flat out rejected their shitty plan on their shitty website, because 1. shitty website; shitty user experience and 2. for a direct-site buy, there was nothing compelling with Read more

From some pretty reputable experience, users are not coming to Kinja sites to watch video, unless it’s someone trying to eat as many eggs as possible, of course. Just read the comments. The whole building a video player from scratch and not having analytics part is so short sighted and a great example of being Read more

The Nissan Altima disappoints, compared to a Bentley Continental. Read more

Comparing the Leaf with the Model S?   Apples and watermelons. Read more