Jul 2

The way she’s holding that weapon, she’s had training. Wonder where she works.

Jul 2

“Clearly she was the aggressor,” Stahl told the Herald. “She was being asked to leave. She’s being belligerent and she pushes her face right into his face.”

Jul 2

A. You could call the actual Village another character in the game, and we did that because we would like players to understand that. Read more

Jul 1

I’ll avoid replying to the impersonating harasser that showed up in this thread, but just letting you know that he’s now on your literary doorstep. Read more

Jul 1

Maybe it really is time we stop giving white people who seek to weaponize the police against Black people cutesy little nicknames like “BBQ Becky” or “Central Park Karen.” Read more

Jun 26

It’s almost as if —GASP— there are more than a few bad apples!

Jun 26

Amazing how fast they can investigate, fire, and charge non-cops.

Jun 26

A group of people... murdered a child... over a FUCKING SANDWICH?!? Then they left his body sitting on the ground for 12 minutes before they called 911 and they are only getting charged with fucking manslaughter??? The whole judicial system needs to be torn down. Read more

Jun 24

It goes deeper than that. The whole concept of “rugged individualism” denies the fact that we live in a society. It’s a form of antisocial behavior that’s likely tied to sociopathy which is why it seems that America has more sociopaths than anywhere else. Read more

Jun 24

A new peer-reviewed scientific study just dropped that shows the link between anti-social behavior disorders and refusal to wear masks in public. Read more

Jun 23

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that that woman doesn’t have a job to lose. Read more

Jun 23

Almost - it is false equivalence in support of willful ignorance about race in America and its impact, especially on people of color. Read more

Jun 22

That was not my interpretation of the card at all. It sounded more like a mad scientist trope. It seems like we’re just trying to find things to be mad about. 

Jun 17

It’s about goddamn time. I remember seeing this guy at a Be Your Own Pet show in NYC about fifteen years ago. He looked like a scummy piece of shit then too.

Jun 12

Ya’ll must have gotten a hold of an edited video, cause the real video would have followed that with:

Jun 10

I used to be a fan of the Beatles until they started singing songs about love and holding hands.