6/08/21 12:16AM

Watching it is doing both, but hopefully the showing support outweighs the accepting exclusion. I haven’t watched the show before either, but based on praise I’ve heard from other it sounds like there are still some quality storylines. And this is blowing up big enough that maybe future productions will feel more Read more

6/07/21 11:09PM

I binged the crap out of 1-4, then read they cancelled it, then more stories came out while waited for s5. I binged season 5 in 2 days. It’s bad, what they did to it. and i watched with dread as ZERO things get wrapped up. Read more

6/07/21 5:35PM

To all those that didn’t know, somebody made a free Super Mario Kart editor years ago. I checked my external HD and an older version 2.3 says it was downloaded in 2011. They are currently up to 2.8.7 now.

It’s called EpicEdit and it’s located here:

6/02/21 1:12PM

Ugh, I hate when brands make things and then don’t make them available. What’s the point? Showing something I could conceivably want and saying “you can’t have this” isn’t going to make me want to support the company more in the future.

5/28/21 8:06PM

I’m kinda surprised how many people who grew up in the home video era have such an attachment to movie theaters.

5/27/21 10:14AM

I think the werewolf is just pissed about his data plan from AT&T.

5/21/21 1:42PM

I get molten metal in my ears every time I fire up some Manowar:

5/07/21 3:12PM

McCallany went on to describe his times working with the actor years later, as well as how he approached eventually working with the actor’s son.”

This would indicate working with both father and son.

He worked with Josh Brolin in Gangster Squad, but I can’t find a connection with James. James is 16 years younger than Read more

5/03/21 9:48AM

The whole Portals scene from Endgame will basically always be a cheap pop for me that brings tears to my eyes every time for the rest of my life.

5/02/21 11:21AM

Awaiting the teary “I have black friends” response. 

4/30/21 7:25PM

Those jerks tried to circle him looking all hard, but his vigorous pumping and spraying all over the place got them off as fast as possible.

4/29/21 5:25PM

Arranging books by colour is book arranging for people who do not read!