Cabrera's Angels

This feels like the stock market equivalent of Eve Online. I’ve still no clue what’s really going on, but find it amusing to read about it all the same.


I’ve read that some of the firms/corps that were shorting Gamestop and getting fucked over now are the ones we bailed out back in ‘08. The funds that bankroll some sports teams are involved too. I say good. Just another crack/hole exposed in this stupid system where the “economy” is booming, but people have no money

Jan 25

Can’t read, can you?  Or did you get bored before you got far enough into the article where they explained why they did what they did?

Jan 22

...and how crazy it is to expect to live off retirement savings invested in this casino.

Jan 22

Once again illustrating how completely meaningless “Wallstreet” and “Stockmarket” measurements are.

Jan 14

No-one is taking up pitchforks about it, but yeah much like Tomb Raider it kind of sucks to glorify travelling to other (usually poorer and non-white) countries, steal their artifacts of cultural and historical significance (often from grave sites) just to put them in your museum to be gawped at by white folks.

It’s Read more

Jan 14

Didn’t realize how colonialist those movies are until I talked to non-Americans about those movies in college. The opening scene of Raiders aged real bad. Indy eventually realizes this, too, in Holy Grail, that he doesn’t have a right to take this stuff.

Jan 13

IMO the best ones were the JRPGs on Gameboy Color, sadly they’re almost forgotten nowadays.

Jan 12

That thing being so fucking zoomed in was my main complaint with the game. By the time you see the map show the turn you’ve already blown past it.

Jan 12

and is still not in great shape on consoles.” You should really clarify this. It’s perfectly fine on current-gen consoles. I’ve been playing since day one on XSX and have had only minor issues, certainly nothing out of the norm from any major open world game. I’m in the “ok what are they going to add/improve” boat, Read more

Jan 12

There’s gotta be exceptions for, like, pop culture, right? Like I admit as a white person that it definitely feels like “I’m not supposed to be here” when seeing scenes like this or a lot of other Black media, but I’m not going to not play this game or, like, watch Atlanta when the creators made them and wanted me to Read more

Jan 10

This feels like important evidence of the denial and double standards operating at high executive levels, making excuses and creating permission structure for sabotage (who is in charge over there? Nunes funkiest? The utterly unqualified Lewandowski?):  Read more

Jan 3

I like how you assume that implementing a polished, fully-functional third-person mode is somehow a trivial amount of work that the developers were just too lazy to do. I mean, it’s not like they were crunching for years just to ship the game with one camera perspective. Nope, gotta be laziness. Damn lazy devs!

Dec 30

After she agreed to provide evidence that could help confirm her claim that she was assaulted, she stopped responding to CNN’s phone calls and text messages.” Read more

Dec 30

Per CNN: When asked if she’s concerned about possibly facing charges and overall how she is portrayed in the video, she said, “Of course I worry. That’s not who I am. I actually... try very hard to make sure that I am always doing the right thing.” Read more