Nov 16 2017

No, no we cannot. Because that doesn’t fucking matter. If we knew that one of the Moore accusers voted for Clinton and worked at the NYT and had a photo with Obama we sure as shit wouldn’t think that was a good reason to discount what she had to say. Fucking bullshit like this is the real test of whether or not you Read more

Nov 15 2017

I call BS. No one was working overtime selling Coyotes tickets. I’ve seen the crowds.

Nov 15 2017

In the US most hockey kids are from comfortable families, but in Canada, particularly in small towns, it’s played by a wide range of kids. Like in small towns in America, or poor urban neighbourhoods, it’s important to have community facilities and organized sports leagues because all kids should have some of the Read more

Nov 15 2017

“This used to be a god damn community of gamers, nerds, kids that got bullied, kids that got fucked with, kids that resorted to the gaming world because the real world was too fucking hard, too shitty, too lonely, too sad and depressing,” Read more

Nov 15 2017

So you’re taking up for the guy who promised to make a donation and went to a ceremony in his honor and then decided not to make the donation — or never had the money nor intended to make donation in the first place?

Nov 14 2017

That’s really strange. Here in California nobody even really talks about it. If you forget to bring your own just pay 5c for a new one. nbd

Nov 14 2017

Oh no, does this mean San Diego is going to have to address the homeless problem for real rather than throw plastic bags at it now, too?!

Nov 13 2017

People are comparing this to how games were “back in the day” to have to play to unlock things. First off, we moved away from that because it was obnoxious, but second, have an example, using another Star Wars game, and why it’s so different. Read more

Nov 13 2017

lolwut? People would say there’s no replay value if Battlefront didn’t have all the characters available at the outset? Yeah, that must explain why nobody played Overwatch after it’s first week.

Nov 13 2017

Vote with your wallet. I haven’t played an EA game since Battlefield 2. There are a lot of great games out there.

Nov 13 2017

Expressing outrage is totally fine, but at the end of the day there’s a simple solution—don’t buy the game. Don’t like the sveloper’s practices? Don’t play the game. I agree with these redditors and hate this kind of stuff—earnables are ok if done like Overwatch, skins don’t affect my gameplay, and I mostly do not Read more

Nov 10 2017

Just never say that on the toilet, then you’ll have a serious problem.

Nov 10 2017

Jerramy Stevens vowed to catch the man who did this, but I wouldn’t hold out hope for that.

Nov 10 2017

I’m proud of Hope Solo for coming forward with this, but I shouldn’t be surprised. This is not the first time she’s shown us what an asshole looks like.

Nov 10 2017

It’s like you’re just open-palmed pounding on the keyboard and hitting ‘publish’.