Because beautiful. I was going to complain about the 100k price (which Lexus is getting out of hand lately with pricing. 90k GS-F can go to hell) but the looks of this thing, man, makes me forgive the price. Read more

Oh god I hate these things with a vengeance. This is the ugliest car on the road. Every time I see one I can’t help but vocalize my displeasure. The styling is at best like some sort of vague reference to 90’s “melted-sand-blasted-round” shapes. Read more

Nissan. By far. Every single one (except GT-R) is an overwrought mess. Read more

That’s a beauty. I’ve wanted one for quite a while.
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I miss my supra. Great cars. Hard to find parts for this generation. Read more

whom we all called Caramel Lady. Read more

The Toyota Century is an extremely gentle car. It’s reflected in the way it’s built. It’s a large, stately, executive luxury car with a remarkably gentle ride and incredibly safe, gentle styling. It’s V-12 may seem like an imposing power plant, but it does not produce much power and is instead tuned for smoothness and

4 generations of the Lexus LS were suggested within 3 minutes of one another. Read more

Lexus LS

If the Grand Cherokee is a Range Rover you can afford, the 4Runner is a Land Rover on a budget. Read more

Lastly, Land Cruiser doesn’t buy your “drums are for off road protection” biz.

Yes driving trucks are hard its like, change gear, change gear, change gear, murder prostitute, change gear, change gear.
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Buddy of mine had a Kenworth with a KT-600 and a two stick in it. I sat right there while he explained the shift pattern so I can safely say... there is no pattern.