Sep 19 2018

I’ve figured it out: Toyota is going to only offer dazzle camo as the paintjob for the Supra. They’ve been hiding it in plain sight. No solid colors, ever. 

Jun 25 2018

Point of interest: My first car was a 1982 Rx-7.  It ended up on its roof thanks to another driver not paying attention and the A-pillars held up just fine.

Jun 25 2018

This is my JDM only 12a-turbo RE-Amemiya that I daily... 90000km.... and I’m jealous!

Jun 25 2018

I just checked. Ours has 1,619 miles on it. Ours is an ‘85 GSL-SE.

Jun 25 2018

Neil - I hate that you got this opportunity and I didn’t. But I love that you shared it with us. Thanks for the great article and outstanding photography.

May 19 2014

How about Emmerich's aliens return 4th of July 2015 and can't find Will Smith. Instead what waits for them is a DARPA funded phase shifting, teleporting, plasma breathing, genetically modified Godzilla who to their absolute horror is capable of space flight at light speed and reaches their homeplanet while chasing Read more

Apr 12 2014

The national Irish airline, Aer Lingus painted a plane in the old livery for their 75th anniversary

Jul 7 2013

You say, "goofy," but I think the word you're looking for is "awesome." Who cares if it's impracticle, that thing's the Vin Diesel of automobiles. Also, We can make bigger truck parts, check this picture out.