Gunnar are suh a joke.... Read more

Gunnar are suh a joke....

The department of Justice are NOT experts on this stuff. Read more

That fan made trailer was far better, but only in the sense that in masks the true nature of the show. It WOULD have let us assume the best. Read more

Last time I checked, a 12 gauge shot shell filled with bird shot didn’t usually ruin fingerprints.

Well... That escalated quickly... Read more

Are you serious, Trendacosta? How much is Sony paying you? Read more

You couldn’t even find a video? Read more

Any way to spin this off the subject, eh? Read more

I already use Google Messenger. It was designed as an SMS fill-in for the pile of shit that is Hangouts SMS. Read more

How about those guys actually focus on producing an SMS capable version of Hangouts that isn’t a featureless green pile of shit? Read more

“I didn’t even hear a bird” Read more

Just FYI, the existence of a mine doesn’t magically make things toxic. Read more

“I don’t need more ways to pay for shit” Read more

Run Hiro!!! It’ll ruin you with poor writing and lazy animation!!!

Internet Explorer comes pre-installed. Read more