Aug 15 2019

Stoplight... so

Aug 9 2019

My ignition switch broke recently and I couldn’t turn off the engine. Read more

Aug 6 2019

Tokyo Drift was shitty, but Han was my favorite character in the series. I’m not interested in Statham’s bullshit redemption tour. NEVER FORGET.

Jul 27 2019

Get the fuck out of here with your made-up nonsense terms like “macro evolution”

Jul 27 2019

Great stuff. I really appreciate having the basis of my research career, and the theory that makes sense out of all biological data, dismissed in a website. Obviously I should have checked this out before I evern started my doctorate.
Read more

Jul 22 2019

Here is the thing most people don’t remember though... Five Guys didn’t have more than a handful of locations before 2003. Shake Shack didn’t have a location until 2004. In N Out was already along every major corridor in california. Read more

Jul 22 2019

Counterpoint: NDT has taught me many things, and Jack Crosbie has not enriched my life in literally any conceivable way. Read more

Jul 17 2019

This may have been one of the only time Portrait mode would have been acceptable.....

Jul 9 2019

I work at an airport and I see A LOT of female passengers who were revealing clothing, especially in the summer. Bare midriff tops and booty shorts seem to predominate, and I have to make it a point not to look to long. Read more

Jul 9 2019

David is just training for his backup career, in case this blogger thing doesn’t work out.

Jul 3 2019

Me too. There’s really no way to describe it. Totality is so much different from 99%. Adults were crying because it was so breathtaking. It was like we were on another planet for a few minutes. Read more

Jul 1 2019

I mean...the Corvette already went through that phase...

C3: 1968-1982

Jun 21 2019

I appreciate there are people who are enthusiastic about things like flashlights. It's what makes the world interesting. If everyone liked the exact same things, the world would be a bore 

May 14 2019

But isn’t that like.. 75% of the fun of an AWD car, to launch it?   Read more

May 1 2019

I want to see the engine. The engine makes me happy, knowing how and why it works the way it does. Steam, gasoline, electric, I want to see it. I don’t have to see it all the time but I like the engagement it provides me, the capacity to take fuller ownership of my car.

Mar 28 2019

I compared it to the accord because Juan was saying it isn’t heavy for it’s size. Read more