Feb 22 2018


Mar 3 2017

Last week a Puerto Rican-born American citizen was detained by ICE for 3 days in Chicago and threatened with deportation because he had “Mexican features” and they were convinced he was an illegal immigrant. His mother then arrived at the detention center and produced both his Puerto Rican birth certificate and Read more

Jan 16 2017

I legit just tweeted this, but I feel I have to reiterate this here too- Read more

Aug 1 2016

That's when we know that the Constitution works. When we acknowledge the constitutional rights of a little shit like this.

Jul 26 2016

Honestly, I’m a Bernie supporter who’s going to vote for Hillary, and probably even campaign for her, because, whether the circumstances were fair or not, he lost, and she’s now the only thing standing in the way of protofascist Donald Trump winning the presidency. And allowing Trump to win the presidency would be Read more

Jul 25 2016

Funny how some self-professed progressives are going to “protest” the corrupt DNC by allowing their fellow women/minority citizens to experience the biggest setback to their constitutional rights in decades, if not centuries. Read more

Apr 7 2016

This is why the “justice” system is fucked; this kid got probation for rape, and he still couldn’t hack it. Meanwhile, there are people younger than him rotting in jails on charges, not convictions, because they can’t afford this kind of “justice”. People like Labrie can exhaust every benefit of every doubt and then Read more

Feb 25 2016

There are many, scientifically proven reasons that being a white male is socially and financially advantageous. They have nothing to do with government (in fact, government works with varying degrees of fairness and effectiveness to counterbalance these effects.) White privilege is not a discount card or a tax break. Read more

Feb 19 2016

It has been failed to note as well that the woman in question, Jessy Dubai, is a trans mega-star in the industry. Let’s all point at the trans-woman giving testimony and mock her for her shoes, dress, femininity instead of praising her for the strength and courage she has as a trans sex-worker to stand up and fight!

Nov 28 2015

Funny thing is, it really doesn’t appear to be less quality than his previous movies. The difference, to me anyway, is that there’s a larger selection of films made by people of color now such that spike isn’t the only game in town. I spent last weekend watching ALL of his movies and realized most were really not that Read more

Nov 18 2015

Ok Mr. “I’m not a bigot, them’s just the facts”. Let’s talk about that poll. Read more

Nov 4 2015

A child of either gender should be able to skip around in circles naked in front of an adult and BEG for sex.
Read more

Nov 3 2015

Because of course, the alternative of putting a trans woman in a mens locker room results in exactly zero harm. I’m sure trans girls getting most of the violence thrown at our community is just a total accident, a freak occurence, so we should never consider it because of what might happen to a boy at a tenth of the Read more

Nov 3 2015

When anyone is brutalized, anywhere and anytime, it is on the attackers and the people preaching hate. Not the people advocating acceptance.

Oct 9 2015

Public defenders usually have 90-120 clients at any given time. They give a shit, or they wouldn’t be working there. But it’s literally impossible for them to devote this kind of attention to each client. If that pisses you off, you should contact your representatives to allocate more funds and hire more public Read more