I struggle with this your last line too (though I’m a white woman). I have just recently gotten to the point in my life where I can buy nice-ish things every now and then. In these articles I see this very understandable anger from marginalized groups of people that their culture and craftswomanship and history has Read more

Well said, thank you. And even if it were “their fault,” who cares? It’s still a problem for all of society when major segments are struggling and suffering, no matter what some of their more ignorant beliefs may be. Read more

Kinja keeps taking away a star when I try to recommend your post, so I’ll just say in words that I thank you for this thoughtful and nuanced take! It is always very sad to me when ostensibly liberal or progressive or humanitarian people can’t seem to have compassion for certain groups because of their politics, and Read more

This is absolutely true, but the sad part is that so often this situation limits women’s ability to succeed in the workplace and make more money, because our society also doesn’t expect men to take equal responsibility for childcare, and doesn’t pay women as well, so they are more often than not the ones to give up Read more

SAME. He is my forever “hall pass” or whatever that stupid term is. Gimme them pillow lips. Read more

Love that song! We also did Dylan, his version of “If Not for You” from the bootleg series. Read more

Wow, brilliant analysis. So insightful and not completely devoid of nuance and context at all. Read more

You’re wrong. It makes a huge difference having waste properly processed and disposed of. Some is taken out of the waste stream and recycled, saving virgin materials and helping prevent further climate change. Some is used to generate energy. All of it is now no longer out in the environment, finding its way into our Read more

People will complain about fucking anything. Plus Americans are really weird about strikes, not even realizing how they’re playing right into capitalist overlords’ hands by tearing down everyone who doesn’t stay on the grind constantly. Honestly I think it’s just bitterness because they worked the whole day, which I Read more

They don’t owe you every second of their day. Do you pay their salaries? Why are you so bitter? Read more

Fuck the haters. I don’t know why everyone freaked out on y’all for your “privilege” in striking when tons of people who strike are very marginalized, and the best thing those with privilege can do is show solidarity and use that power to help make conditions better for everyone. Read more

It would be pretty silly to call the “young’uns” of America the Trump Generation when a group of high schoolers is making the most headway we’ve had on gun control in decades. Read more

OMG Hi fellow Chathamite :) (Well I don’t live there now but I grew up there). Ever go to Shakori Hills? Read more

What a gross and inaccurate thing to say. Read more

You can oppose both without saying they’re morally equivalent. I dislike the black bloc/antifa/anarchists that show up, co-opt whatever protest is going on, and turn it into a violent shit show (I am NOT saying they did that in Charlottesville, I’m talking about Berkeley for example). I think they hurt the progressive Read more

The whole reason we know this incident happened is because someone working on the show was concerned that they were too intoxicated to be having sex. That’s the whole thing that launched the investigation and made them adopt the “2 drinks in an hour” policy. And yes, a person can absolutely be very intoxicated but Read more

lol fuck you. She didn’t try to ruin anyone’s life. She didn’t press charges. She’s not even the reason the incident hit the press, that’s because someone working on the show thought there was an issue and wanted it investigated. Try putting yourself in her shoes, being made aware of sexual activity you engaged in Read more