Jul 31 2018

Cadillac went “Art and Science” when they should have gone retro luxury with modern underpinnings and they still have not dug out of it. If they came out with a Fleetwood-Sixty that was Fillsize RWD all modern with a retro look, I would be all about it. Cadillac lost its identity with the Art and Science design Read more

Jul 31 2018

I truly think if these companies started taking Tesla seriously and made a more affordable direct competitor to their lineup they could make waves. Currently, Tesla is the only car company that makes an electric car that people want. I am having such a hard time figuring out why these huge car companies with all this Read more

Jul 30 2018

Cadillac's been at this game for 15 years and they're still scratching their heads figuring out how to be cool. 

Oct 5 2017

‘Fun” you say. “Sporty” you say. “Truck” you also say. Well my friend it once again delights me to say I’ve got just the suggestion for you! There’s few cars more versatile in the automotive world than the Subaru Outback! What’s better than a hurly-burly wagon? It’s brother with a mullet! Party in the back with that

Dec 14 2016

Have to say, the RAM driver did a great job getting his truck slid into just the right position.

Dec 8 2016

I have a perfect car for this one. Fiat 500L. It’s surprisingly capable, can get with 6-speed 3-pedal, has a unique look that only the mother could love (and you are a mother), rides handles rather well, and most importantly, there’s just not a thing quite like it. Never mind the reliability and the worst dealers, Read more

Dec 5 2016

I agree with you that Wall Street, as far as I know, didn’t break any laws, they just did some dubious ass things. Read more

Oct 25 2016

Another 80s kid here. You are 100 percent correct. Remember the giant Game Boy demo kiosk?

Oct 25 2016

Really excited to read this when I’m not at work, but felt compelled to raise a Toys “R” Us tangent: Read more

Mar 31 2016

Sealed beam headlight tensioners rust, then snap and/or disappear into the front clip. Trust me, 15+ years of personal experience.

Mar 31 2016

Working in my dad's body shop as a kid on summer break I became a pro at aligning these things using the old school suction cup level with the adapters that fit over the little nubs on the glass.

Feb 25 2016

Makes sense, I’m seeing lot’s of Renegades, HR-Vs, Buick Encores and Lexus NXs on the road that this could compete well with in Ford and maybe dressed up Mercury guise. I can see McConaughey now rolling up a booger waxing philosophical about size doesn’t matter and sometimes small is cool or some such sh!t

Nov 24 2015

Earlier today? I had jsut finished thinking “I like reading about motorcycles now... but i’ve only really ridden 1 and a half... and it was a ural”

and then BAM. This story.

Urals are boss. Lanesplitter is Boss. This Ride is Boss.
Monkey is Boss also.