Aug 3 2018

Jason Isbell’s Elephant. Then, when everyone was on the ground sobbing in a feral position, I would steal all of the bases. Twice. Read more

Jul 24 2016

The Australians are simply used to their toilet water draining the opposite way down the walls.

Jul 7 2016

Ciara was hardly the first person to get boned in England recently by some guy who hasn’t got a clue what he is doing.

May 11 2016

The photo of Noble is everything to me. He poured his heart out onto the pitch last night. What a captain. What a club.

May 11 2016

The back to back header goals by Antonio and then Reid were awesome, especially considering the momentum pendulum had swung in favor of Man U. COYI!!

May 10 2016

Hiiiiding everywhereeee!
I’m forever blowing bubbles!
Prrrretty bubbles in the aaaaaiiiir!

May 10 2016

We cannot, absolutely CANNOT go out the way we did against Swansea on Saturday. The final game EVER at the Boleyn Ground. Slav has to have his team up for it, the supporters will be louder than ever and everyone has to show up.

Please don’t start Antonio at right back again, Slav. Please.

Farewell Boleyn and COME ON YOU Read more

Mar 31 2016

“Those giraffes you sold me, they won’t score. They just walk around, dribbling, and not scoring. You sold me... jacked giraffes. I want my money back.”

Mar 28 2016

This article for Adrian lines up perfectly with #MCM. Adrian is always my Man Crush on Mondays.