Dec 21

The border cops are the ones you gotta watch out for, trying to tax the import of the boats for a weekend race

Dec 21

Great write up. This may be because it weighs significantly less but I have routinely pulled a 60’ trailer behind a pickup and was told by employers that anything bigger would require a semi and professional license but I could pull that with a class c legally.

Oct 28

How much do you wanna bet Mick Mulvaney was up there saying some shit like this to calm him down

Sep 7 2018

Good to know that 1/10 of a mile is equal to 528 iron for future maths

Feb 15 2018

I say this as a gun owner: This is a fucking exclusive republican problem. The CDC is prohibited form researching gun violence because of fucking republicans.

Feb 15 2018

I paid cash for my handgun, gave my drivers liscense and filled out one form before leaving with it, the longest wait was the line to get help. It should be much harder than that

Feb 14 2018

In Texas a pediatrician can loose their license for asking if guns are in the house and providing education for safe storage unsolicited, how bout we start with changing that one and go from there

Jan 29 2018

The 21 year old body builder may have a weakened immune system due to chronic steroid abuse

Jan 22 2018

Heartbreaker, we’re still talking about Dez’s catch aren’t we.

Jan 16 2018

So the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) is a valid cognitive assessment for the following populations: Stroke, Parkinson’s Disease (with neurological involvement), Alzheimer Disease, Progressive Dementia and Cardiac Dysfunction. It is not valid for healthy geriatric populations. Read more

Jan 11 2018

Taking away access to medicaid will take away their access to routine preventative care forcing them to delay treatment and seek only emergent care at an exceptionally higher cost. It is illegal for a hospital to turn away anyone in need of emergent care or in labor for financial reasons, so the bill for hospital Read more

Jan 9 2018

For flu shots to be ready when needed, the vaccine is developed months in advance to target the 2 or 3 most likely strains of flu for that year. Considering the rate at which the virus mutates, the accuracy of most year’s immunizations is impressive. However, even in years that the prediction is less accurate than a Read more

Jan 8 2018

I’m shocked he was able to beat out the other top candidates: guy encouraging his kid to hand feed wildlife, guy climbing over “stay on trail” sign to get a better selfie, and guy immortalizing two week old relationship with shitty tree carving.