Oct 28

I have this in a pale yellow, love the exterior! One of my favorites. Mine is missing an engine though! Hope yours isn’t a rolling chassis like mine :)

Oct 18

Looks like matchbox designed a getaway vehicle, love the dirt!

Oct 3

I feel the same way, still around but no posts. Glad to see you’re excellent photography back and gracing these pages as I lurk around. Read more

Sep 24

Droolworthy! such a great body style. I really like that you got the stance perfect. Not too low, wheels definitely pushed out but not poking. Then the mudflaps and Hellas are amazing!  Great build. Congrats on the entry!

Sep 15

this is really cool to see! Thanks for the heads up!

Aug 16

oh, my. That Last pic is so amazing. Of course they all are but, the composition of the last one really looks like it could be from a real race.  I like the replication shot too!  

Aug 1 2019

dont name him, then he’s yours. btw, he’s a cool pet.

Jul 17 2019

hmm, the ones in my area (Columbus Ohio) do. we have both

Jun 26 2019

Gen 1 prelude
959 recast
2018 civic si sedan (Because who doesn’t want their own car)
Lacia Fulvia Read more

Jun 24 2019

Were you the person wanting to trade my first editions Lamborghini Diablo with for the Zamac Datsun 620? I remember that being a trade I was going to do a while ago but I can’t remember who with?

Jun 19 2019

we could just strip/spray a bunch at once?

Jun 17 2019

email me if you’re looking for specific ones. I may have some.

Jun 14 2019

Dude! So nice! The looks amazingly authentic

Jun 4 2019

It’s so perfect, The only reason Those aren’t all opened is the cards actually enhance the cars. usually I DLM most things but at least 1 set of those will stay caged.