4:01 PM

Glad to hear it’s not that much better than the ND1, I was kind of miffed and tempted when I first heard about the updates but between the 50K miles at the time, fixed hail damage, 3 years of wear, and money spent on small upgrades I just couldn’t convince myself to even go look at the new ones for fear of being Read more

8:30 PM

There's only one humane thing to do: Put those 480,000 illegal cars on a path to legal citizenship....!!!

8:01 PM

Best officers: Warrant Officers. To hell with the dog and pony show. They actually know their fucking job and get results, even if they missed PT and a meeting because they were out fishing doing pilot stuff.
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7:23 PM

Sir, you have no clue what the fuck you’re talking about. My best officers were guys that were prior enlisted. Some of the worst were guys like you, typically ring-knockers, that actually believe the shit that came out of their mouth. A good officer will have his guy’s love and support, regardless. If you don’t have Read more

6:26 PM

The military could shitcan a full 2/3 of the active duty officer corps from all the uniformed branches and get along just fine. Having a BA in Art History does not make one a better leader of men.