Naomi Ambidextrous
Jan 2

Also, whatever else you want to say about Donald Trump, he has a brilliant instinct for showmanship. Those voters that Trump brought into the Republican party, the ones that putting up with Trump and all his shenanigans worth it for the Republicans? Those voters love that. Hawley and Cotton and the rest of these goons Read more

Dec 21

As I understand it, those are the options. Page is saying that it's fine to use either masculine or gender neutral pronouns for him.

Dec 16

The best "wedding" I have been to was for a couple who eloped to Vegas because it was better for them to get married sooner than later (the bride wanted to adopt the groom's daughter and getting legally married would make the process faster and simpler). About six months after they got married, they hosted a Read more

Dec 5

I’m not sure that’s actually true if we’re talking about rank and file conservatives. Elected Republicans, yes, want to harass the shit out of pot users. But narly all of the Republican voters I know (from the establishment voters to the QAnon crazies) ARE pot users. They're not primarying anybody over marijuana Read more

Nov 28

Not a movie, but I just finished reading “Written in the Stars” by Alexandria Bellefleur, and it’s pretty much that—a queer Thanksgiving/Christmas romcom where everybody’s out. The family drama isn’t about the two main characters being gay women, it’s about familial relationships (parent/child, sibling). It was Read more

Nov 23

I don’t want to speak for God, here, but He did give people with vaginas a body part whose only purpose is pleasure and He stuck it right next said vagina so I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that He meant for humans to have sex and also enjoy it. It has always struck me as so weird when Christians act like sex Read more

Oct 12

It's basically a way to feel morally superior that costs the believer absolutely nothing. Ditto believing that being LGBT is wrong. In both cases, you're asking someone else to make huge sacrifices while giving up nothing of your own.

Aug 25

20 years from now, this kid is going to be estranged from his adopted family and they’re going to be like, “We have no idea why he won’t speak to us! Such a heartbreaking mystery!”

Jun 27

I think it goes further than just Beauty & the Beast. In so many ways, women are told that they're gross or bad if they want to have sex. So I think for a lot of women, removing the female character's agency makes it easier for them to enjoy the sexual content. It's like, "See, she (and by extension I) doesn't Read more

Jun 17

It's amazing to me when you find a person who is chronologically a grown adult and has somehow achieved a position of power and they think something like that and go, "Yeah, this is a smart and reasonable thing to say." Like, how did you make it here without understanding that, no, that's dumb and bad?

Apr 2

I'm going to guess that, also, they typically have a small army of domestic employees that keep the whole thing running, many of whom are probably not working right now. If you're used to that kind of life, it would probably feel unsettling and uncomfortable to suddenly not have it. They're still all kinds of Read more

Apr 2

About the same amount as before but my normal is working from home and my husband is essential personnel so he's still going to work, so the only thing that's different is that the kids are also here. 🤷‍♀️

Mar 19

I mostly have questions about the logistics of three dicks at once. Two makes sense—one from the front, one from the back. But, like, does that third guy...come in from the side?

Jan 25 2020

It's not that I don't think people can't write about things they haven't experienced. It's that I think it's weird that she's defending herself by saying, "But I'm a quarter Puerto Rican!" That's...not a great argument unless you think that there's something inherently universal about the Latinx experience. 

Jan 24 2020

This! I can certainly understand that being Latinx in the United States is going to mean that your experience as an American has some definite common threads regardless of whether you're of Mexican descent or Argentinian descent, but if you're talking about people actually in Mexico or actually in Argentina (or Puerto Read more

Jan 6 2020

Yes! If my kids are watching some horrifying YouTube nonsense in the living room, I really want to be able to close the door so I can listen to music while I cook in the kitchen or read a book in the den. Open floor plan means now we’re all forced to watch fratty adults play adolescent pranks on each other.

Dec 27 2019

So, when this dude abuses another child (since the odds of him abusing another child are pretty high), hopefully that child will be able to sue Bevin’s pockets out.

Dec 7 2019

Ether that or his fast food diet plus lack of exercise is wrecking havoc with his digestive system in the way you'd expect