Nacho Contreras
Apr 2 2019

He should have saved the offers, then signed them both at once. Boom...22 years and $550 million!

Apr 1 2019

Martin Leclerc of Radio-Canada in an article sheds more light on how/why the CWHL folded. He reports how Graeme Roustan, a businessman who currently owns ‘The Hockey News’ and is a former owner of equipment-maker Bauer among other hockey-related ventures, used to support the CWHL financially and otherwise, until last Read more

Apr 1 2019

This is a misrepresentation of the facts. It sounds like you have an axe to grind, and won’t let the facts or nuance stand in your way. Read more

Mar 24 2018

Former Navy officer here. Naval Academy graduate. Navy sniper, trained by the Marines at Quantico, VA. My weapon of choice was the M40A3. Read more

Mar 24 2018

I too am a veteran. I carried a M16 with me to work every day. I hadn’t had any experience with guns at all before that point in my life. I became a top marksman in the Air Force on a wide variety of weapons.
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