Mar 14 2018

Yeah, this wasn’t even a well-meaning but barely-trained dipshit who fucked up, this guy was a reserve officer who presumably had picked up a weapon in his life more than thirty seconds before FIRING INTO THE DAMN CEILING.

Mar 13 2018

Yep, if they didn’t comply for all they knew the cops would have shown up to (man)handle them the same way they did the doctor on that United flight last year. (Remember that incident? I’m sure United’s PR team does - bet they never thought they’d look back at those days wistfully.)

Welcome to our current dystopia, Read more

Jan 27 2018

Currently waiting in the infield for the grid walk at the Rolex 24!!! After pre race ceremonies, up to the grandstands for the green flag. Spend an hour or two high above the turn in and out of the infield segment. best point of view for the overall circut. From there make my way along the infield viewing points, hop Read more

Jan 7 2018

Oh fun, a new way to game Instagram’s crappy “algorithm” that doesn’t show me what I want to see in the order I want to see it.

Jan 2 2018

I think that Jodie Foster is overly-romanticizing the era of a bygone movie industry. Hollywood has always relied on more on spectacle than substance.

Feb 12 2017

Let me guess, liberals will be applauding the death (murder?) of this man because of his disgusting thoughts and vile hate speech, but they will cry & protest the death of a minority who has committed a dozen felonies in his past (including violent felonies) and died because he was in the process of committing another Read more

Dec 25 2016

Except her feelings are not wrong. Her outlook is wrong. She wants someone to love, but is convinced it won’t happen. She wants to settle with that fact so she can’t feel more disappointment if she keeps hoping but never finds love. If you lower your expectations you will feel like you haven’t fallen so short. Read more

Aug 10 2016

Watch the video. He puts three arrows through chain mail and its backing padding in a second or two.

Jul 25 2016

I won tickets to megadeath on the radio once and when I went to pick the tickets up they had gave out more than they realized. The radio station then told me they had run out of megadeath tickets and told me they would give me a pair of tickets to an even more expensive concert. The concert happened to be Good Read more

Jul 24 2016

Eh if you get dragged to a concert by an artist you think is shitty feel free. They already got the money. I know I would be on my phone if I was stuck having to listen to these two.

Jul 18 2016

In fairness, there is no reasonable expectation of privacy whenever Kim’s around lol.