May 15

They are but let’s be real, they’re befitting from a society that rewards this sort of trollish rich shitbag behavior. You can even become president by doing it.
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May 14

Of all the ‘split-the-last-book-into-two’ I would argue this has been the most successful. And the most justified given the source material. The final film is probably my fave of the entire series. And the emotional climax in Harry witnessing Snape’s montage of memories - with the editing and the music - is one of its Read more

May 13

I wouldn’t say that Monáe can’t act, more that she needs strong direction to work well. I found her plenty good in Hidden Figures, Homecoming and even Antebellum (which isn’t a great movie, but she did well). I’m pretty confident that Johnson can draw out a great performance from her. Read more

May 13

“I’ve never heard of this pop artist being covered on a pop-culture website” is the new “firsties” just with less clever innovation

May 8

It’s a recreation of one of Pam & Tommy’s most famous photos. I kind of hate that I know that, but what can you do?

May 5

I’m not buying it. I tried that on the train to work once and it did not work at all.

May 4

Said this on io9, but I would like to have seen him at the very end. Not saving the day or interacting with Wanda at all, but coming in after she left.

Mid-Credit scene (after Monica and the Skrull, but before Wanda sipping tea and learning magic):

A hand knocks on a door.

Agnes, trapped as Agatha, opens up: “Helloooo. Read more

May 1

Eh. Having Amber be a black girl who volunteers at her old community centre in the inner-city is meaningfully different from her being a white girl who volunteers at an inner-city community centre.

May 1

That finale was literally -not figuratively- the most violent thing I’ve ever seen. Holy fuck.

Apr 29

a bizarre kind of performance art where he grows “new and unexpected organs” and then lets people watch as he has them removed. Read more

Apr 29

I was discussing with a friend I enjoy this significantly more than Falcon and the Winter Soldier. That was all big budget and impressive this is just fun and exciting enough that I'm thoroughly entertained. 

Apr 29

Awesome. I’ve been enjoying this show. It’s just weird and interesting and dark and I can turn off my brain and just get swept along. Read more

Apr 29

I despise big pharma corporations and I get my second dose next week because I'm capable of walking and chewing gum at the same time.