Jul 12 2018

The RS5 will be more expensive, but most M3's, IS-F’s and C63's out there are several years older than the RS5. The RS5 was a 2013-2015 model year car. By that point the IS-F was dead, and the M3's production ended in 2013.  The C63 was in production until 2015, but it was basically the same car since 2008.

Jun 28 2018

What- what’s happening here?

Jun 28 2018

Kudos to whatever surveillance camera captured that shot. Read more

Jun 28 2018

Spot on. Likely from a nearby car rental, using a fake ID.

Jun 28 2018

And the refreshed 17-18 one at that.

Jun 28 2018

I believe you narrowed it down: the chrome trim strip at the bottom of the window openings, the front fender badge, and the wheels all seem to match up.

Jun 28 2018

Times heals all wounds....

Want proof? That Harlequin Golf!

1990's Me: Burn that pile of mis-painted trash in to the ground

2018 Me: *Squee!* Harlequin Golf!!!!

Jun 22 2018

Is just throwing this in without any justification peak Billy? Read more

Jun 20 2018

I’m surprised you didn’t mention Jack’s Abby. They’re a lager-only craft brewery in Massachusetts that has been around since 2011. Jack’s Abby has done a lot more to normalize craft lagers in Massachusetts than Night Shift.

Jun 18 2018

You realize you just wished death on them for making a comment on the internet, after criticizing them for wishing death on someone accused of multiple violent crimes. Not a good look bro.

Jun 18 2018

Bro, he tortured, poisoned, and mutilated that girl. Oven cleaner is a base chemical. When it makes contact with skin it burns and causes necrosis. It’s like being bitten by a funnel Web spider. Dude could have spent the rest of his life building houses for orphans and he still would have had this coming.

Jun 18 2018

Go fuck yourself.

Jun 1 2018

Kramer would have wrecked that tennis man.

May 28 2018

You conveniently based almost your entire argument on the watch itself which is not my problem. If it is a good watch or as you say “fine” watch let it be. If they’re providing Detroiters with jobs, good for them. My problem is with the company’s misleading marketing with their B&W urban Detroit images. I loathe that Read more

May 27 2018

Shinola is a shady “American” company with overpriced watches IMO and they wont get a single Dollar from me. I’d rather get a Seiko, Citizen, Casio or Timex Read more

May 27 2018

The connection between cars and watches is so obvious that it doesn’t need a brand tie in or direct history. Nevertheless, I have some recommendations.

May 27 2018

Ugh, not a good list. Bonus points for Seiko but way to many over priced quartz movements. Shinola...seriously? Read more

May 25 2018

2002 Buick? Century or Park Avenue? ...the indicators are actually just headlight reflections off the chrome bumper trim?