My Custom Hotwheels
May 11 2016
Diorama Daydreaming

Having too many Hot Wheels is NEVER a problem. Fact.
Having too much time on your hands is also never a problem.... t

Jan 6 2016
From 934RSR to 911Cab

This latest custom was originally a Porsche 934 Turbo RSR - a rather nice casting of a very badass Porsche.... and I

Dec 7 2015
All Japan [Diorama] Day

It’s been too long between posts here at LaLD and so I thought I would throw together a montage of JDM goodness for

Nov 7 2015
Fast and Furious

I love the Fast and Furious franchise (say that 5 times fast!) but then I think it’s fair to say that if you like

Nov 4 2015

This is my latest creation, and how Mattel should have released the C3PO in the first place - in my opinion :p