My bird IS the word
Sep 7
DOTS: Loser Edition

There was also a vinyl of a coral snake on the side. Forgive me oppo for not getting a picture, but as you could

Aug 26
Surf rock oppo

So The Mermen are awesome. All of my best music exposure has been from video game soundtracks. I miss it, seems to

Aug 5
A mighty fine beverage

Finally, found some beer I really like that I can (hopefully) get consistently. Thanks Belgium! I love your waffles

Jul 20
Catastropic failure

Rear U joint let loose, less than 100 ft from home. I live on a hill, so that necessitated a tow.

Jul 9
Holy Hell

Perfection. Please, let this be like the reventon/aventador where the styling matches up. I need to be able to dream

Jul 4
Give me some ideas?

So I have a request. Basically, I will be installing a functional flap on my shaker hood. While looking at it the

Jun 27
Carb oppos

EDIT: looks like napa had a proper brass replacement fitting with a nipple for a traditional flare. Its a very